I'm having a problem with my stomach for the last year idk what it is or what's causing it, and I'm having a problem financially with trying to get in with the gastrointestinal dr they want $300 just for a consultation... I randomly get sick at my stomach and vomit the most I've puked in 1 day is 6 times... I've been sober for 2 and a half years now and gained 60lbs I burn up over nothing but it's not where I get hot that makes me do it... and it also don't matter if I've eaten or not and most the time I can't eat because of the way my stomach does me... I just don't know and it really does make me worry about what could be wrong...


Nausea and Vomiting

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  • PinkPantalones


    Oh my god. You literally described my problems exactly! I also gained a bunch of weight randomly and get real hot out of nowhere. And the vomiting is the worst!!. It doesn’t matter whether I eat or not. My doctor did an ultrasound of my stomach and found nothing. So then he basically just told me to eat healthier and call him if it gets worse. Ughhh I hate doctors sometimes.

    • Harley.Q


      I only just seen this but ik what u mean, lately I have also been having problems with getting light headed and then get the spots in my eyes to the point my vision goes black and I told my dr he said he don't think there's anything wrong with me that he thinks I just hold my breath and where I said the only thing that helps is taking deep breaths he says I've already found the cure so I'll be fine as long as I breath like wth??? Ya know

      • PinkPantalones


        oh wow. Gotta love our health care system!!

  • Nadia190


    I wonder if it could be gallbladder related.....

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