I have been diagnosed, however it's not straightforward. Bottom line I am not triple negative at present. I show a
(weak + ER, < 10٪) and as I understand it, treatment will change that to triple negative. Besides the evasiveness from Hema/Oncologists I don't understand my cancer or prognosis.

Breast Cancer

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  • 55isMe


    Dont worry too much about it. Thst is the oncologists job. From your standpoint, know that the classification affects their choice of treatment. Think of the factors as different food sources for a very mean animal. To limit its attack, they starve it or they feed it tainted food. If the mean animal is positive for one of the 3 main sources, they can feed it tainted food (chemo or biologics). If it is triple negative, then it is different approach. More limited to starving it and it is a bit harder. I was extremely positive on all the first tumor and 2 of the 3 the second time.

    • juicydoubles


      Thank you for an answer I understand. Docs care about outcomes, and we are linked in that.

    • karmagedon


      that's a good way of explaining it

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