Was just prescribed Concerta XR 17mg, starting low. What can I expect from this medication? What are the pros/cons? What might interact with it (alcohol, other meds?) I'm open to trying things, does anybody with Autism have experience with this ADHD medication, if so how did it affect your symptoms?

Concerta Xr • Type: Oral


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Axe_Man


    I have 4 medications, concerta is one of them. I do not have autism (as far as i know, my friends say i do lol) and i don't drink alcohol, but it doesn't clash with my other meds. I have nothing but good things to say about this medication. I actually had my dose lowered due to seizures, but I immediately noticed a change in my mood. I became significantly depressed and i asked to have it raised again. As far as ADHD goes, it helps me with my control more than standard focus. I have anger issues, and i started to lash out at everyone (even as far as hitting) when my dose was lowered. i don't know where I'm going with this 💀 but yeah, i hope everything goes for you :)

  • Igglepiggle


    For me it made alcohol way worse I was gravely ill for days after getting a bit tipsy so I avoid drinking

  • busy_bee


    Ive been on it for the better part of 2 decades and it's been the best for me. Never heard of 17mg tho... only 18

  • Igglepiggle


    I’m on 36mg of xenidate which is the same thing I used to be on concerta and personally I don’t feel very helped by it I do think my adhd is worse without but I’m not functional with it either but vyvanse gave me panic attacks, I’ve got autoimmune diseases tho and I think that’s my problem

  • Courtney1998


    I've noticed while on ADHD medication (I'm on methylphenidate hydrochloride) that when drinking I seem to get tipsy/drunk alot quicker than I did before medication. I also have to be careful when taking my antidepressants as when I first started them they had to up to dose little by little 🤗

  • Aaronb03


    I'm on the same exact med and 18mg dosage, I've noticed if i take it after 11 I'm up all night, but if i take it before 10 i crash way too early. Also, if you use any drugs or alcohol, take less, your tolerance might change

  • Jay2004


    I'm on Concerta right now and sadly am having to stop it for a while I got super bad anxiety from it to the point I felt like throwing up and purple fingers and toes but I think that has to do with a underlying heart issue I'm trying to find right now 😓

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