how many types of cmt are there? which is the more "severe" type and which ones are the less severe types? I have cmt and have had it my entire life, but I am not sure which type I have.

Symptoms Involving Nervous & Musculoskeletal Systems

ֹCharcot Marie Tooth Disease (CMT)

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  • denasia


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  • Eddyy


    Do you know which chromosome your CMT is in? You can usually tell the kind of CMT you have by how it’s been passed along in your family.

    • Ms.maam


      i got my cmt from my father, and he got it from his mother, and she got it from her mother.

  • Gwolfgarona


    7 major types each has subtypes. The only true way to know is a chromosome test. Mine is 1A and had a neurologist order the test. Ancestry DNA will not look for it. I have not tried 23andMe

  • stevenweb


    Everyone has different symptoms there two major types either the cover over your nerve is damaged or the nerve it's self is damaged the second is rare 1 in 100000 compared to 1 in 3000

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