I have this big head ache I have been having the pas 3 weeks and I'm now at the hospital cuz I can't sleep the doctor is the one that don't do anything and hates me and all he's doing is giving me Benadryl and sending me home idk what else to do can someone give me some ideas I have tooken every over the counter medicine I can think of to help with something like this ......



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  • living411


    Trying another hospital or visiting a neurologist I think would be beneficial. Advocating for your health or having someone who you trust to advocate for you when You can't is important ❤️ wishing you the best

  • MidwestGirl13



  • Krystalmack94


    I just went to see my doctor she's getting me a head CT today or tomorrow she don't understand why the wouldn't have done it at the hospital I told her it's cuz the doctor there don't like me 😓😓

    • living411


      that's good to hear that something is being done about it! ❤️

  • MidwestGirl13


    Good luck! Hope they can figure out what’s going on and get the treatment you need.

  • Coffee_hound


    You deserve the best care! So another ER or ask for another dr. You have the right.

  • LiLMAMA8269


    Redbull N BC until you can see a neurologist. Icepacks, Popsicles, low stress, low light. Change your light bulbs to purple or some other type of light. Get Burts of sunlight when you can. Close eyes and face directly into the sun for 30 sec increments

  • Bre1019


    Have you tryed toradal injection

  • Teardrops


    I have similar experience when I have gone to the ER. I have been to pain management doctors, neurologists, headache specialists. I have been prescribed so many medications. Preventative and acute treatments. Not much works for me. I crawl into bed where it’s dark, lights off, cool, maybe a fan going to keep it cool. Ice pack on the back of my neck. Sometimes essential oil like peppermint or lavender can help. But use lightly as smells can make headaches or migraines worse. I kinda agree with another ET but at the same time it could be looked at drug seeking. Which from personal experience it’s not exactly drug seeking just wanting the pain to stop. Try to get into a neurologist or a pain management specialist or a headache specialist.. it may take some time depending on the doctor’s schedule to see new patients…. I feel your pain. I went several months in a row with a migraine…pretty much every day pain. But they have gotten a little better.

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