Does anyone have any tips on how to make friends? I feel like every time I meet someone it doesn't work out. I have terrible sense, so sometimes the other ends up being a not-so-great person or they end up loosing interest, because I'm not great at messaging and keeping contact no matter how hard I try. I want to be better with judging someone's character and better with keeping the ones who are good.

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  • Pisforpotato


    Honestly, making friends has always been an issue for me, too. I’m with you on the trust issues and I have a tendency to read people, and then be right about what I read, which reinforces the not trusting. I’m afraid to be vulnerable with people, too, because of abandonment. But hey, if you ever need a relatable person to talk to, I am definitely here! Feel free to message me!

  • matchalover


    i struggle similarly to you, but the friends i have now i gained honestly by mutuals! you just have to find one person you know you can trust and become friends with their friends, as their good character would reflect with who they are friends with:) i didn’t find this person until later in my life, and social media and online interaction is what helped me trust them and interact with them without the anxiety. through them i made several other friends!

  • DexVex


    Same. I don't have any friends myself and when at times I try people seem scared of me or disappointed. Honestly, how I made friends in general was by displaying my skills for many to see not for the sake of showing of but hoping I get appreciation for what I do. Over time I made friends with similar intrest and such. Show people who you are and they'll come to love your uniqueness and soon come to you to ask to be your friend or just talk. It worked for me before at times, who knows, it doesn't hurt to try.

  • minka


    being friendly, being understanding, and having an open mind has helped me in making friends. also not expecting people to be perfect or expecting people to apologize all the time has helped me too. sometimes people unknowingly say/do hurtful things without the intention of doing so, they might not even apologize because in their mind they did no wrong. setting firm boundaries with people like that is very important alongside telling them what they did that was hurtful and why it hurt you. if they aren’t respectful of your boundaries or if they don’t stop the harmful behavior i would urge you to stop being friends with them. 💗

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