Being in the Midwest in the Fall and winter months is terrible for CRPS and I am assuming anyone with neuropathic pain. Does anyone have any advice on how to survive during the Winter months?

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  • David1212


    What I usually do when I'm in cold areas is first of all dress well, putting on enough layers helps me keep my joints and muscles warm, and that way it hurts less. In addition, I get up about half an hour earlier and warm up my joints and muscles from the night before. It helps me start off the day better and healthier and also less painful during the day.

    • BeanBetter


      I meant to respond to this. I've been doing a terrible job. I do the same thing!!! 🙌🙌

  • Jamie1975


    On really cold days I try not to go out unless it's really important. I try and dress warm and warm up the vehicle I'm taking. I also try and go out in the afternoon when it's normal a little warmer.

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