I don't have any local friends. my nearest friend is like 3 hours away. but I hate doing stuff alone, so it's hard to go anywhere to meet people. with my anxiety disorders and fibro get in the way too. I get so lonely. I miss being around friends, and I have almost forgotten what it's like to be in a relationship and have that closeness. 🫤🙁💔😢

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  • Teardrops


    Sounds like me. But my friend is like 2 hours by plane. Or 23 hours for some other friends. I would rather do things with others but I am almost 48 so I have learned to just go do what I want but it usually not likely a movie or dancing or club.

  • Feefee80


    I've lost alot of friends due to the symptoms of Fybromygia

  • moon.stars.oceans


    That literally describes me. I have one online friend but she lives 3 hours away. I wish I could see her. I’ve lost other friends because of chronic illness too. And it hurts cause we are aching for time with them, but it’s so complex with what our bodies are going through. I’m hoping we both can find a friend and have that closeness. But until then, keep fighting cause you are so strong. I’m proud of you. I’m here for you.

  • Vosenya


    Where is everyone from?

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