Hey there! I was recently diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety (and possibly suspected depression and ASD as well?)

They put me on Dextroamphetamine and welbutrin as well as a few others I cant remember the names of but nothing seemed to help with my problems. I struggle with severe social anxiety, RSD, and executive dysfunction. These impact my life negatively every day.

I was wondering if anyone knows of anything else I should try? A friend recommended medical marijuana but I wasnt sure if they would prescribe it to me for my conditions. Suggestions or general advice/positive words? 😥

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Social Anxiety


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  • kitten072391


    What about cbd oil or cbd gummies my friend has anxiety and panic attacks along with her anxiety and she has recommended them to me but I myself have not tried it and I have social anxiety and panic attacks but if I do try any form of them and they work for me I will let you know but I do know they work for her

  • Meadow


    @kitten072391 I might give them a try! I hadn't considered them before. Ill update on here if I try them too. Here's hoping!🙏

  • Cloudy130


    Cbd has helped me so much tbh

  • Tomato


    I had a bad experience with marijuana unfortunately, but I’ve heard of many people who say that it helps sooth their anxiety. I guess that really depends on the patient.

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