so i been itchy lately. i take showers often. but its been weird some part (always changing) always itches. i googled it it said it was my type 2 diebetes and surface nereve damage. ive had various nerve damage problems since i was teens. well before getting bigger and having glucose problems. Google said its neuropathy in the skin layer nerves. i try not to itch hard enough to break the skin, i dont want infections. does anyone else have chronic itching?

Skin Itch


Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • misgendry


    I have lots of itching but I have had eczema way longer than I have had diabetes. Sounds like neuropathy to me. 😕

  • threehottamales


    Yes. Sometimes I'm just scratching my palms with a fork

  • Lemonade40


    Did you just start Metformin? When I started Metformin, I was the same way. I even got hives every night. Allergy pill took it away for me fast. After a few weeks , I have no side effects. I guess my body got used to the diabetes med

  • Tobydottir


    A lot of diabetics end up with Fatty Liver Disease, which can end up with very itchy skin. When I switched to the Mediterranean Diet because I was diagnosed with NAFLD, the itching went away in a few days.

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