I was told I'm "high-functioning" because I can speak and I have an average IQ. That really hurt and I hate functioning labels with a passion because I feel like neither apply to me. I wouldn't call myself "low-functioning," but if I'm so "high-functioning" why do I have 5 different learning disabilities and never understood a word of what was said in school? I was taking middle school classes in senior year and I still failed. If I'm so "high-functioning" why can't I get a job or drive or live by myself or go a day without having a meltdown and injuring myself? Why can't I make friends and why do I have PTSD from being bullied and abused for being autistic? Also I wasn't diagnosed "early" or "late," I was diagnosed when I was 11 which is considered in the middle. I hate this and I feel alone no one understands.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    I hate the labels too! It’s so harmful. Autism is a spectrum but not one that goes from low to high. Saying high functioning seems like Neurotypicals trying to get out of giving us the help we need. Just because someone can talk and is intelligent doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling. Boils my blood honestly

  • royalty


    I despise functioning labels. Everyone always says "you must be high functioning" and it feels like they're completely wroting off my experiences and struggles as an autistic person. I am neither high nor low functioning. I am simply autistic.

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