I was wondering if anyone has any ideas how to keep their symptoms minimal. I get flare-ups after my menstrual cycle. So I am constantly having flair ups, then start to heal, only to have another flair up month after month. I am so annoyed by this. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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Lichen sclerosus

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  • Calicoshortpaw


    It seems to me the dryer I keep the area the less itching and flare up I have

    • chango


      how long have you had this

  • swaghetti.girl


    showering before bed, using tampons instead of pads, and sleeping without underwear will likely minimize symptoms. i have also seen people use coconut oil to prevent flare ups during vulnerable times, but have never tried myself

  • Eddyboy


    Any ideas about what triggers flare ups? Is itching intense?

  • Calicoshortpaw


    Toilet paper irritates my skin. Does anyone else have this problem?

  • SorrowfulSparrow


    I do, for sure. Sometimes my skin has been so sensitive that it's torn & bled a little.

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