thought I would share something I wrote last night.
The Forest
The night hung on like a gators jaw.
The air was stagnant and at the same time raw.
The moon looking down on my dizzy head , dripping like blood , a rich maroon red.
Across my view quickly out of sight , a shadow crosses soundlessly from my right.
From behind a cry reaches my ear.
The sound grows quickly uncomfortably near.
Several more voices join in the quire, then dead silence but for my crackling fire .
A dozen shadows low to the ground , circling my camp with plans to suround.
Grabbing my shotgun with only ammo for three, two for the monsters and the last is for me.
Happy Halloween 🎃🖤

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

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  • La_Loca


    That was really really good

  • DC4Life


    That was excellent. Felt like I was there

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