Hi. Not really sure what I'm doing, I'm really struggling with my recent bipolar diagnosis and feeling pretty isolated.

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • PrettyFairy


    Honestly its a hard feeling and i understand. People would tell me all the time to separate myself from my disorder but getting that diagnosis for me was eye opening and made a lot of sense when i connected the dots but then it was like... what am i supposed to do with information? It is kinda isolating and i got diagnosed in April and still feel a little isolated even though I'm on meds

    • Booklover99


      I'm hopefully starting meds this Friday. But yeah I definitely can connect a lot of dots now yet I'm not sure what to do with it all. I've also realized most people just don't get it.

      • PrettyFairy


        like literally just dont get it. I had my manager say "your whatever you want to call it" and i was like lady disorder is the word your looking for. I literally cannot control this. I'm glad your gonna start meds cause it really does help a lot and mostly the reason why i went to get a diagnosis...cause I just kept thinking I think i need to be medicated 😅 cause i need help

  • cigrat


    i’ve totally been there. my doctor told me i was probably bipolar 4 years ago and i refused to believe it because i thought it was embarrassing. now four years later, i’m so happy i finally got the help i needed. should i have started as soon as i found out, probably, but better now than never. you’re doing great so far! just stick with it and don’t wait as long as i did.

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