these two girls who use mostly coke and meth, we used to be really good friends but she yelled at mw, high, in a cafe next to a n
friend of mine, spitting lies and shit to make me feel bad. im recovering, i go to meetings every week, i see a substance abuse therapist, i went to rehab, they know qll of this. tiana, the girl who yelled at me, she sent vids of her doing lines of coke to the friend group chat, offered me meth when i was craving it, and stuck a line of coke in my face for me to take it. it is just so hard to fucking cope with people like this, and the drug addicts that i am surrounded by, the creeps, the homeless, smoking on foil and in their bubbles, all in broad daylight. i cannot escape it.it surrounds me, taunts me. whhen i smell the fentanyl smoke it triggers me so bad because that was my DOC. i dont know how people do it, how people dont get cravings like this, even being on sublocade. doing everything i can. if anyone has any advice, i would definitely appreciate it. its so fucking hard trying to hold back, i just want to let go. i'll go run away with some guy and do what i used to, the chaos, the unpredictable high energized sex filled dancing glitter while meth eats through my brain, the fentanyl shutting down my lungs. i know i died, i was supposed to be dead if no one came home. fentanyl welcoming me comfortably to a door of death, and they dragged me out. i dont know why i miss it, but being sober, just by itself, is tiring, exhausting. i am tempted,everyday


Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

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  • Shansully


    As an addict, I am in school right now and I am going to respond to this as soon as I’m out. Stay strong until then. Give me a couple hours. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • LLpk


    Let me ask you when you do drugs does it fulfill you? Has it fulfilled you? When I did drugs I was constantly searching for something I never fully grasped it was fulfilling shortly but never fully and once I started using all the time it pretty much stopped being pleasurable all together. Try to gtf away from whoever plays these games w you cut them off block them on everything and avoid them at all costs. Playing the cold shoulder DOESNT make anyone weak it just sends a hard message that u aren’t humored by that shit anymore. Their are tons of online AA and NA meetings happening and there are definitely some in person ones in your town. The next free day you have try one out in person and find someone there you connect with. It might sound cold but away from those people outweighs the current cons of being more isolated. It’s great that you used this app as a platform to find more people that’s part of the first steps. Lean on any supportive family you have even if you aren’t that close just anyone that can be a good example. Dm me if you wanna talk more I promise I won’t leave you hanging I’m a 21 yr old former opioid addict

  • OLG


    Hi Draco, well I'm not sure but it sounds like you have sought help but at the same time your still hanging around people who use. First you need to separate yourself from them if possible. Even the phone chats. You say they are your friends, right! Not offering you drugs while trying to get clean. (Misery loves company). So keep going to mtgs,stay busy and remember 1 day at a time.

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