I get frequent headaches and migraines ever since I started developing fibromyalgia. Is there any medications anyone recommends for this? Thanks.

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  • Lunamoon


    I would recommend first talking to a doctor about getting a mri to rule out anything, and then ask to be referred to a neurologist. That’s what I did and now I’m on Aimovig and Rizatriptian for the migraines. Hope that helps!

  • Nimbus


    When I suffer from mild-moderate attacks I take simple painkillers like Advil. If it doesn’t help I take treximet which usually stops the pain. For preventive treatment I take lopressor, but I know that there many other options. What do your migraine attacks look like? Do you feel something before they start?

  • Richiesmom


    Aimovig and nurtec help me, but you also have to make sure that you aren't deficient in vitamin d and magnesium

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