so the other day I was smoking with my friend. well we were in his car in a storage unit and he went to go talk to his ex and left he in the car alone. I had a wierd panic attack. I was like screaming and making some random noise. I could still text people but like I don't remember it. when my friend came to get me I was unresponsive. she went to go get gas and I was in her car alone and even tho she was right outside. I started making that noise again and I went unresponsive again. so she took me to the ER. they gave me something to calm me down and sent me home. I don't know if it was a suizure and I don't think that happened before bc normally no one would leave me. It was dark and I didn't feel safe when he left so I think that is what caused it.

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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    What is cannabidiol

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    Yo I had to quit smoking because it makes me REALLY paranoid and panic and weird feeling. Like it really messed up my brain. I have bipolar too. It fuels episodes for me. Pot and drinking and being off my meds had me so manic I went into psychosis at 23. One time I completely blacked out from just smoking and I woke up, thought I was in a pinball machine in my dream, so then I thought the pinball was the car. I was hallucinating that I was driving like GTA game but I could also see that I was in the back seat. I was screaming I wasn't touching anyone. This happened at 14 or 15 years old. And I continued to smoke. Just some thoughts 🤔

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