15 times have I been told to kill myself I've been called a retard a bitch I felt like as a kid I felt like I wasn't allowed to have feelings leading to depression as a child do you any suggestions to deal with that type of trauma

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Destinyjoy


    I do actually. What I've done over the past few years is learn to love myself and everything about me. That was the 1st step I still hand issues with at times. 2nd step. F*ck what others think of u, u kno the truth and thats all that matters. Cut the negative ppl out even if it is family. It's hard but needed. Set ground rules with urself and what u won't let others do/say to u. Most of all be as sweet as pie to thier faces and they will be very confused and angry they can't get under ur skin (even if they do don't show it) ppl are just miserable and trying to make others feel bad for how they feel about themselves.

  • Anutis


    I agree with the previous comment. Learning self love is important. It doesn't matter how others see you because they are not you. Everyone is meant to be unique. Don't lose yourself trying to please others. Something to tell your inner child is, "no matter what you did or who you where these people would still never be happy because they are not happy within themselves." Something else that helped me was to not let down your inner child by beating yourself up because of what others have done to you, don't treat yourself the way they did. An example is: Don't put yourself down for crying, don't put yourself down for liking a certain style, don't feel like if you don't do something right you're a failure. Think about your younger self and how you wished you where treated and do that for yourself instead. That's a good way to love yourself ❤️

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