having BPD sucks, and I'm getting kicked out (for the third time) because of it. Any advice?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • scaraluck


    honestly i understand your pain tbh

  • tempestgirl


    You are not your BPD. Dig deep and get in tune with yourself, understand yourself more, work on your triggers, work on being better. When I was diagnosed/introduced to it even being a THING, sooo many things started making sense to me, but things also got worse. Once I managed to calm down and start working on/understand myself, things slowly started getting better. It isn’t easy! But it’s definitely worth it. I went from raging borderline ready to give up on life to having been in remission for quite some time now and I love it. What about your BPD is getting you kicked out?

    • felix.petrou


      there's two factors. 1- my drinking problem. My aunt doesn't allow alcohol in her house and I've been caught drinking (once) at her house. 2- I drove her car without permission and scraped it on the side of the garage. That was what triggered her to kick me out.

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