so I had an allergic reaction to something at work today. I work in laundry so it could have been something on the clothes or the chemicals or even pollen from outside. All I know is that it triggered my asthma which hasn't happened in a long time. It made me kinda nervous with how long it took the Benadryl to kick in cause even after using my rescue inhaler my throat still felt tight. I'm doing better now of course but still gave me a bit of a scare.


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  • Kai1134


    Update I figured out the allergen! So I just bought a supplement for my joints and the main ingredient is belladonna(which can be used safely in correct doses) which is kinda funny cause my sister uses it for sleep with no problems

  • wise


    I went almost a full year without having an asthma attack so bad I needed hospitalized, and then allergy season hit at the exact same time I lost my insurance. no more asthma or allergy medications for me 😔 those outta nowhere kick in the chest attacks are the worst

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