I went in for an ADHD assessment after symptoms had gotten really bad once I started college, but I was quickly dismissed because my parents didn't think I had it (they answered 10 questions while I answered hundreds) and because I had good grades growing up and wasn't super disruptive. They told me it was just depression and anxiety, which I have dealt with before, but I've found that after treating those I still have the same attention concerns and symptoms I had that lead me to go into the test. I insisted none of the problems weren't new, but were just stronger now and it doesn't feel like anyone listens. Any recommendations?

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  • lunarsh0rt


    i think it’s important to bring to their attention that ADHD presents differently in women! i wasn’t diagnosed until i was 20 because i wasn’t disruptive and was an honors student. ADHD isn’t just intense hyperactivity and disruptiveness. it’s also executive dysfunction, hyper-focusing, inattentiveness, memory problems, and more. i would suggest bringing that up to them and asking them to think about it in a different way

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