Hi everyone! New here, thought I'd try to get some different perspectives on some things:
1. How do you make others (particularly my husband) understand mental health issues? I have shown him useful online articles and helped explain things (I am a former nurse so I interpret the language). But... it seems like he got scared, thinking that because something is listed as a symptom, that it will happen to me. For example, being promiscuous during mania. I never have been, and I suffer from hypomania at times. I try to reassure him that just like with any disease or disorder I don't have every symptom. Sigh.

2. I have been unable to work due to diabetic neuropathy (22 yrs diabetic dx at age 13), and bipolar ups and downs and anxiety. I worked my whole life until about 3 years ago... how do you cope with not working? When I can, I take care of the house and do crafts.

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  • Derek20


    Hi, I think one of the biggest difficulties is explaining ourselves to people who are close to us about our situation and how complex it is. Have you tried taking him with you to see a psychologist? I think that just as our dealings are difficult, those close to us also have a difficult time dealing with things, and maybe a professional can help him understand and take things in the right proportions. Regarding work, I think that because you can't work outside, you can try to look for a part-time job from home and that way also feel that you are filling your day with things and also bring in some money, it never hurts.

  • lollygage


    I haven’t been able to “make” anyone do anything. For me it’s just taken time. At the beginning most of my family didn’t even believe autism or ADHD were real things and it was very hurtful but over time they slowly absorbed the things I shared with them about my symptoms and now they accept me. I did have to leave my ex-husband though when I realized he was never going to accept me because he would say things like I wouldn’t be able to finish college or be a mother because I’m autistic 😤

  • A_Delicate_Flower


    We've been going to couples therapy and it's been a journey but it seems to be really helping us talk through his and my concerns. It's actually opened up the door to discuss other issues too it's been helpful for us holistically.

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