hi. I'm new here so I'm not really sure how this works. but I am in the process of seeing multiple specialist to find out why I'm always in so much pain. any tips on how to manage my stress with this would be great.


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  • lavap


    just try to be calm as possible, and tell your self that everything will always be fine, and the world is still spinning.

  • CameronElizabeth


    I like to do one of my favorite grounding activities. Coloring, reading, playing a computer game, spending time with friends.

  • grandlady


    There are natural supplements like valerian root and l- theanine that can help you relax. Or ask for a prescription muscle relaxer.

    • Sleepy_Maui_Girl


      I second the L- Theanine very very calming in a nice safe way .

  • SadMom95


    My issue is that I've been advocating for myself for YEARS, and I was always given bs solutions to problems they didn't want to test. And now that all these tests are coming back abnormal they are having me see multiple different specialists. It's extremely overwhelming since I have major depression and anxiety. For a while I skipped all of my appointments because I couldn't manage my time

  • Belugabear


    Best of luck! I love taking a bath while listening to an audiobook. The heat helps the pain a lot. I like the audiobook because it’s hard to focus enough to read sometimes but I love books! There are also some good techniques on curable, I definitely recommend trying it!

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