I've having a hard time accepting that I can no longer do the same things I used to be able too and accidentally do too much, causing flare ups. It's hard to not over do it on good days,especially when simple tasks can cause symptoms.

Orthostatic hypotension

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  • Lunarr


    I feel the same way even after four and a half years. Even day to day there are times where I can do something one week but the next it'll totally wipe me out for a few days. Chronic illness is a constant struggle to cope with because it changes so often. It's okay to grieve your life before and the life you could have had. Personally, I try to focus on what I can do instead of what I can't and build my life around that (for example, I know I can better handle an outing if it's indoors and I have frequent sitting breaks so I make sure there are places to sit where I'm going and that the people I'm with know my needs). It also helps to keep in mind that your schedule could shift at any time due to a flare, try to stay flexible and allow yourself some grace I hope things go better for you soon. Feel free to reach out if you ever want to chat about it 😊

    • Clarisa


      Thank you. It has been a big learning curve,especially after all the medical gaslighting.

  • mack7315


    i relate to this heavily. it’s a constant struggle and for me it’s been over 3 years of it. i still haven’t fully gotten used to my illness and i push myself so often on accident. i have dysautonomia too so i’m here to chat if u would like !

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