Is irritability/agitation normal when weening onto this medication?


Irritability and Anger

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  • Dhadhu


    I didn't have a problem like that. Of course everyone's experience is different. I had headaches for like a week. I think you should first read the drug pamphlet that usually comes with it and ask your pharmacist if that particular side effect is normal. And if they don't know. Ask your doctor about it if your worried.

  • Blaine


    I have bpd so I tend to be irritable already lol

  • Melany388


    i tend to be irritable on a daily so idk how to answer

  • AmberMisery


    This pill single handedly saved my marriage. I was miserable without it, crying all the time. All around not a joy to be around. Now I play with my daughter n joke with my husband. Give it time to work. It's worth it!!

  • Colin


    Thankyou to everyone who responded

  • oblivesce


    In me personally, usually I only get irritable when my dose is too high - I'm currently on 10mg but it definitely has been a lifesaver for me. Also, the irritability does die down eventually as long as you're going slowly.

  • Colin


    I told my psychiatrist and she upped me from 2mg to 5.

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