I been getting heart palpation alot anytime im stress or anxious


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  • shia33


    What helps for me is doing deep breathing. And talking to to someone

    • nicoleivy


      so it normal to get heart palpitations with anxiety

      • shia33


        not exactly but it is your bodies way of reacting to stress in an healthy way. I went to the hospital for thos said reason, there was nothing they could diagnosis me with. However at the time my potassium was low from not eating and have loose bowel movements. Otherwise all test come back normal. Seek a therpist they are really the only ones who can help you

  • ariesmoon


    anxiety causes your body to go into a fight or flight mode, the adrenaline makes your heart race. its totally normal but definitely scary. the box breathing exercises on youtube help me so much

  • Vee40


    I did too! It's what scared me the most..I cut caffeine completely and stay hydrated... sometimes low potassium can cause them as well

  • Yuka


    I decreased my caffeine intake and my anxiety related palpitations stopped. As soon as i have a second cup of coffee for the day, i feel the palpitations again. I also started taking multivitams daily

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