Honestly what keeps y'all going?

feeling a bit down right now(even worse than usual, I should say lol) honestly can't imagine living the rest of my life like this. Its been about 6-7yrs since I felt "normal." How do y'all keep going when you know you'll never be truly happy or independent.

(for more context, I have Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, ADHD, and symptoms of C-PTSD. I spend most of my time in bed due to a lack of motivation to get up and because of this and my severe anxiety I don't have a job, at times I struggle to even take care of myself.)


Complex post traumatic stress disorder

Attention-Deficit Disorder

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Lex_Luther


    What keeps me going are my goals for my future. I also went through a rough patch when I was younger. I put up goals for myself and plans for my future.

  • AsianSunshine


    I can relate to a little bit of it

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