Has anyone here had Double Jaw Orthognathic surgery?

I had my surgery in 2014 to correct an over bite, under bite and cross bite from a birth defect.

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  • Fernando


    Yes, I had my double jaw surgery a decade ago to fix an overbite problem. I tried braces first, that didnt do anything. Then I had a double jaw surgery with a horrible recovery, but good results.

  • JJ86


    Fernando thank you for your reply. I had good results after my Jaw surgery also. The surgeon said it went as planned. I do still have a lot of TMJ pain though. Since the surgery about a year after my teeth have slowly started to go bad. I've been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition specific to the teeth called Tooth Root External Resorption. This causes the body to attack the healthy teeth and gums and they break down and become weak and damaged. It causes the typical root canal pain symptoms like sharp pain with cold temperatures, constant toothache, throbbing toothache, pain with biting and chewing etc. My dentist and endodontist think that this condition was caused by the surgery. It is usually brought on by some type of injury or trauma. I've now had more teeth in my mouth have had root canal treatments than have not. I think I only have 8 or so healthy live teeth now. The other have been treated with root canal treatments. I just had a consult with my Endodontist a couple of days ago because of another one of these mysterious toothaches. It already had a root canal treatment a few years ago. Now it has the Resorption and it is attacking the old root canal treatment and the outer tooth and the gums around it. The tooth needs to be extracted and replaced by an implant. I also need to see a Periodontist to assess the damage to these gums. I'm just really anxious and stressed out by all of this. They said my other teeth will likely take the same course at some point in time due to this disease. They will all eventually need root canal treatments, followed by extractions, followed by implants. I've always been told to do everything I can to save my original teeth. I guess this disease just makes that very hard to do.

  • Melmusic


    I have a abscess tooth I have to get 4 wisdom teeth pulled and it hurts the drainage I have to deal with all day is mentally awful it spreads to sinusitis the worst ever I wish everyone the best if I find out anything I will post it.

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