since yesterday I can't get the idea that I'm in a coma and everything I'm experiencing is fake. it is the worst feeling ever. I csnt handle feeling like my family isn't real. has anyone else experienced this?


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  • baesical


    that could be disassociation. I struggle with that myself and don’t feel that I’m in a coma, but almost like I’m in a dream and nothing that I say or the people I’m talking to are actually real life

  • Castro


    Yes I have had this experience before and it’s really scary but what I told myself is I’m real the world around me is real and I did some grounding exercises that really helped like plant you feet on the floor and count to 3 and stand up do it 5 times and then pinch yourself it helps me just something to help

  • Axe_Man


    my whole life I've struggled with seeing everything as a program, and that I'm the only conscious person alive. you're not alone.

    • Montgomery


      thank you. It really helps to know other people feel similarly

  • schizoboy


    Yeah, Reality can sometimes be difficult to grasp but it's important to not lose hope

  • oeethan


    I feel this a lot I tried to overdose on my anti-psychotic a few days ago and i haven't really shook the feeling but i usually just sit and talk to people to keep my brain busy

  • burgersoup


    i agree with everyone else that said this sounds like dissociation. when this happens to me i utilize grounding exercises to stabilize my perception of reality and return

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