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Acute Anxiety

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • AnimalBoy


    Funnily enough im sleep deprived lmao

    • Mordo


      Same I was up all night because my sleep sechdual is way out of wack but it is summer

      • AnimalBoy


        I stayed up 24+ hours because I had a passport thing in the late morning and a weed run in the evening but I slept twice in a row so I still managed to refuck up my sleep schedule lol

  • Cait1111


    Nervous. I can't sleep because I keep having anxiety attacks. How are you?

  • micah_1234


    Very anxious and don't think I'm going to sleep because of intrusive thoughts about things that have happened

  • klazikel


    I think I may be hypo manic right now... so there's that.

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