How many degrees off center does a knee with genu valgum have to be before it needs surgery?

Genu valgum

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  • Soskae


    When leaving it causes more harm than surgery. I was born with genu Valgum but it wasn’t corrected until I was 17. Because of the severity of the deformity in my femurs I don’t have any cartilage left on the outside half of my knees. When I was born the angle wasn’t bad enough to cause me any real damage but after playing rough sports and gaining weight the deformity got worse as I grew. A lot of people have some level genu valgum, especially women, but once it causes harmful stress to your joint is when surgeons will operate. I don’t think there is a specific degree of deviance per se but it’s more based on quality of life.

  • NickGobes75


    I’m pretty sure what they said ^^ if they sublux/dislocate and are causing problems in your life and you ask for surgery to correct them, they may do it. I had bilateral corrective knee surgery at 25 (I’m 34 now) and since then they do not dislocate. However, the screws they put in hurt me now and I’m in the process of getting them taken out.

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