going back to work tomorrow and I'm not sure how I'm going to make it. I just had a panic attack thinking about work and having to interact with people. has anyone had agoraphobia come on very quickly, like in a matter of months?

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  • AlyssaNicole89


    Yes! In a matter of days! I have not worked steadily since January because of this and it is so hard! Bills are hard, feeling inadequate is hard. I hope you can make it to work tomorrow, I’m rooting for you!

  • kay1


    Not exactly agoraphobia but intense social anxiety yes. I work at 7am and usually wake up around 3 with pure anxiety and can't sleep

  • J14


    I feel this! I’ve been working for 7 years with social anxiety and it’s always the thought of going into work that freaks me out! I can be ok once I get there but sometimes I just get so anxious before hand I call out sick (which makes me feel worse) I haven’t been lucky in finding a way to manage it

  • Tink3rbelle


    I went from not leaving my house to having too. I get super anxious. I even try to find ways from having to leave. But in the end I have no choice. I shop through Amazon fresh for groceries and necessities. I understand wholeheartedly. Be patient with yourself. Baby steps.

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