So I've noticed that when I start to feel sick (whether an illness or just overworked/overheated) I start to have an anxiety attack but I struggle to prevent it or stop it. Any tips?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Coffeek


    For me, herbal teas became a big helper. Chamomile, something with ginger, lavender, you can even just look up “teas to help anxiety or panic attacks” and you could find even more than the ones I’ve suggested! Ik some people are tea people though I mean I certainly wasn’t not that much but now it’s something that benefits me greatly. Other than that, taking a heated bath with essential oils would help me a lot when it came to nighttime panic or any time you want or think it could help. I know these personally help me but everyone is different so I’d definitely say try to experiment with methods(you could find more online) and find which is beneficial to you! I hope this could help in any way

  • dannyimprego


    give urself breaks!! whether it’s 10 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, or a full day, you need it!! use it to calm down, even if ur not super anxious at the time. i personally love drinking warm herbal teas (i like the ones with lots of different spices) and listening to a guided meditation. it can really calm you down and help prevent getting super anxious later on. be proactive and try not to get to the point of really, strong anxiety (don’t overwork urself).

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