Ok I'm gonna start off with I'm not pregnant nor am I trying to conceive at the moment. I got into a spurt of baby names I liked and wanted to share the ones I liked the most.

For a boy it'll be
Zarin Oliver Honey

For a girl it'll be
Tansy Charlotte Honey.

thank you for coming to my Tedd talk. :)

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  • bunniigutz


    yessss I do this too I don’t plan on having kids for quite a while but I like to fantasize about my possible future as a mom and have thoguht of various baby names for boys it’ll be: Felix, Oswald, Arthur, Tom, Robert, Kirby, Marx for girls it’ll be: Bonnibel, Isabelle, Sarah, Misty, Vanessa, Marcy

    • Dwarfpandabear


      love bonnibel

  • DariaFae


    Those are some very beautiful and unique nice names. They sound and look very nice. I named my daughter Anna Belle Champion... I thought ABC initials would be awesome and she thinks soo too. I really do love those names that you've picked 💕

  • Ella101


    Ooooooh I like it a lot!

  • Ella101


    Mine for a girl is Luna and Aurora and for a boy it’s Milo and Elliot. I’m obsessed with those names 🥰

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