I'm struggling today. I feel like I am so stuck. I don't have a job and am stressed about finding one, not sure what to do about bills. I just want living to be easier.

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Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • Wesj75


    Life is hard. You have to find your own way in it. It may take a while. But with the right help, it can be quicker. I won't say easy cause nothing is easy

  • justpeachyqueen


    I’ve been there. Sometimes there are state sponsored programs or places that could help you. My local public library does that. Maybe having someone help you will make it more bearable

  • MakMcK


    I’ve been there too! Just take it day by day. Break each day down into little goals that are easy to achieve. Celebrate little goals like printing an application or making a phone call. With a disease such as anxiety breathing down your neck, little things are a big deal! Don’t forget: YOU CAN DO THIS. Just do it a little at a time and take breathers when you need

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