tried to go to peter pipers with my sister but ended up getting so overwhelmed and having a shut down from overstimulation. the lights were too bright, there was too many kids screaming, the music and games were loud, and i was overwhelmed with how much money I was spending too,,, and like idk how i used to put up with everything before,, i just wish it was easier to get diagnosed with autism because some people don't believe me/take me seriously without the diagnosis. not to mention the pain i qas in because of suspected fibromyalgia or RA which i don't have diagnosed yet either,,, people think imjust being lazy

Chronic Pain

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)


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  • kieanne


    ik how you feel 🥺 i was at my cousins birthday party last night for an escape room. it was me and 10 boys 15 and under and they were all so loud and kept talking over each other. i had to leave and try to gather myself in the bathroom. whenever i feel very over stimulated i’ll try to leave early and then get frowned on by my family cause i’m not staying longer even after i stayed like 3-4 hours already. i hope you’re able to get your diagnoses. ik it’s difficult. took my little cousin over a year to get tested which the test only took like an hour. my friends don’t believe i have autism since i’m not professional diagnosed. but doesn’t matter what they think. do what works best for you. don’t feel bad for saying how you really feel and if you gotta step away if you feel over stimulated. do what works best for you. it’s all what matters in the end. let me know if you ever need to chat. me dms are always open 💗💗

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