Last Dec. I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and I'm on DEPO but is there a doc I need to go to for my endomitosis. if so what type?


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  • Abbe


    Just keep seeing your OBGYN!

    • LionStitch


      I am only seeing her for my DEPO or yearly checkup though I only started seeing her may of last year and didn't seem to concern about my expansive endometriosis

      • Abbe


        I would honestly get a new obgyn. My first one was awful. My second one has been great. I am on the depo as well. I’ve had two surgeries for my endo and life is much more manageable for me with them!

  • Kay_Marie0388


    the doctor who will help you is your obgyn!

  • LavenderCat


    Not all doctors are created equal. If your doctor doesn't listen to you, go to another one. I had an OBGYN who didn't listen to me/want to talk about certain issues I had (particularly about taking testosterone). She would cut me off and tell me to "go talk to your people about that". Bottom line: stand up for yourself and go to doctors that will treat you right

  • LunaElisabeth


    Doctor shopping is important and not the same as Munchausen. And I fully advocate for bullying your doctors into doing what you need if they're spewing bs. Depo is not a permanent solution, you need pain management.

  • 100Percent_K


    You should be seeing an excision only specialist. Some are OBGYN, some are MIGS, etc. Excision only specialists DO offer medical management as well as surgery, often folks think they just offer surgery. If your doctor believes ablation is appropriate then run for the hills.

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