Do you consider yourself to be a particularly responsible person? When you're manic does that have any impact on your impulsivity?

I'm wondering because i tend to be very stringent with some things, like spending money.... Spending money has always terrified me. I do get impulses to spend and usually do end up falling to them and spending way more than i am comfortable with and regretting it--but it's not so bad that i end up with literally nothing. $60-$100 dollars feels like a HUGE amount of money to spend....and, relatively, it honestly is. On a few occasions i've spent more (one time, i spent 1k in a sitting...which was half of what i had), but it was also usually during times i simply had more. But it's not like i'm completely draining my bank or thoughtlessly charging credit cards. But, again, spending money terrifies me.

Because of this, my therapist thinks i might not actually be bipolar and i am insanely confused about it at the moment.

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • LizzieLou


    I have had issues on and off with spending but my biiiiiiig problem is feeling overly confident in my ability to accomplish really complex problems/projects and then slamming to the ground with all this shit I am responsible for (home renovations, pro bono work, classes etc.). I find it interesting that so much seems to hinge on spending money. That honestly is about the 5th thing I will do in my litany of hypomanic activities- only if I somehow run out of overcommitting, not eating ( or furiously bingeing), not sleeping, and cleaning compulsively.

    • CactusCat


      I feel that big time... It's always overcommitment or starting too many new, big projects that i end up regretting so bad when the depression hits.

  • LizzieLou


    Oh and I am in the legal field so yeah, pretty responsible for the most part.

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