My eyes are allergic to the sun and I get weak when I'm outside too long...any advice??
I feel like my life is passing me by

Vitamin D Deficiency

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  • Gracieee


    See a doctor, wear sunscreen, wear clothes that cover your skin, maybe bring an umbrella outside for shade, know your limits in the sun.

  • Gracieee


    And maybe invest in moving to a country or state where the sun isn't as intense.

  • elvisgirl77


    I have polarized sun glasses that go around my regular glasses. It helps me so much. Really bright days I'll wear those and a billed hat.

  • Penpalz


    It's called heat exhaustion and even with taking precautions, I can't last more than 30-45 minutes outside

  • Penpalz


    I started taking Glucose tablets and feel 1000% better

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