yall. I was diagnosed in 2018 & was asymptomatic until this year. I've had this current breakout for 2 months. I've been on Acyclovir for 4 days now and it's barely going away. is this normal? my dr made it sound like 7 days maximum and if it went away before then to stop taking it but I feel like one week isn't going to be sufficient???

Herpes Simplex




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  • summerw1013


    I take an everyday pill called valacyclovir and i hardly get any breakout.

    • oliveoyl


      I also take valacyclovir. I've been on it for about 6 years now. I also pair that with lidocaine jelly when I do get a breakout and that helps the pain and sensitivity.

  • Tayzer


    Never ever stop taking medicine in the middle of a dosage cycle!! Always finish your prescriptions!

  • ChaoticEvil


    I used to get small out breaks that would heal on their own after a few days but recently have gotten alot worse and have to go see a dr once I can do so

  • Strawberryfields2951


    I feel like when the herpes is really raging it takes a while to get it under control. Also it depends on where it’s at. If it’s on your skin I think it’s worse than genital area

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