Trigger warning for violence. When I was 15, my dad chucked a handful of silverware at me while I was eating breakfast. It didn't cut me but it knocked my food everywhere, then he yelled at me to clean it up and threw rags at me while I cleaned it. I don't know if this is physical abuse though because I didn't get physically hurt (the silverware didn't cut me, just went at me). I don't remember even if it hit me but I know it didn't cut me, and I can't remember whether or not there were knives at all. And the rags didn't leave marks. So I don't know. I've always felt weird about it. Because my brain doesn't think that's what physical abuse is, that maybe my experience is just on the edge of it since I wasn’t cut or bruised. I guess I'm just always wondering if that's physical abuse or not, because that's probably the worst I've had it from my dad.

He's still in my life, but it never happened again. I wonder if partly he never did it again because I told my brothers about it and they were upset. But he never apologized, even when I gave him opportunities to. So it all bums me out anyway.

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    That's definitely physical abuse imo. Even though you didnt end up hurt you very easily could have, and he was using physical actions as a tool to make you fear him. I'm glad it never got worse than that and that your brothers stuck up for you.

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