I've been with my partner for almost 6 years, and we've been really really solid in the last few.
Yet, recently, I've been having detailed nightmares every night about him cheating on me with his ex (I have absolutely no reason to be nervous about this in real life) and when I find out, he just wants to carry on seeing the both of us and I'm treated as being ridiculous for being upset, as if I'm possessive. Each night it's a different scenario, and I wake up feeling sick and upset for hours.

It's not even the idea of him with someone else, necessarily. It's the betrayal, and him going back to the woman he loved before me. I'm trying to fight my brain, but I'm feeling very insecure.

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  • chelsy


    Sometimes the brain will bring things up from a previous event, movie, storey, or book and twist it into your current reality. If this is truly weighing heavily on you I would suggest you talk to him about the dreams and see if he can help you break it down and allow your brain to to see it for what it really is.

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