Struggling with a multitude of symptoms, they are getting worse over time, I started getting sick in February 2021, it started with what felt like the flu with a really bad headache. Sore, weak, tired, sinus drainage, the general I don't feel good symptoms. I got diagnosed with a sinus infection, took the antibiotics. they didn't help but I started to feel better a within about 2 weeks so I didn't think that much of it. until I have been diagnosed with 7 more sinus infections, the list of symptoms keeps getting longer, I can barely walk now. I got a rolling walker today through the insurance company because I have fallen so much. The ENT says there is no sign of sinus infection, or sinus damage, or anything sinus related causing the problem. I am frustrated, 31 years old with so much pain and weakness I can barely get to the doctor. I am going to list out the full list of symptoms below. I am having to fight for every test to try to find out what's going on. my question is which conditions should I consider first?


Generalized pain

Acute Ataxia (Lack of Coordination)

Perforated nasal septum


Fungal sinusitis

Nausea and Vomiting

Chronic Headache


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  • Lilybaby29


    Headache Dizziness Ataxia Nausea Vomiting Sinus drainage (usually think mucus down throat) Light sensitivity (hurts) Noise sensitivity (can be very painful) Smells intense Small spasms Severe joint pain All over weakness Numbness, and pins and needles feeling in arms, legs, and feet and hands Feet get very cold turn blue or purple Vision changes, worse vision, seeing spots like gnats, or big areas of blind spot. Skin feels on fire with certain types pressure or fabric

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