Anyone else feel completely unmotivated to do anything? I've been trying to get myself to draw for like two hours

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • rosieee


    one thing that really helps me is taking it in a INSANELY small steps. like stand up, then walk to your desk (or wherever you draw), then sit down, then get your paper out, then get your paint/pencils/whatever, and then draw. spend as much time as necessary on each and every tiny task

  • Cloverfield


    I struggle with that alot too. Especially with medication and how it bounces around. Something I do is to understand with myself that it is okay to just breath and take a day. You don't have to beat yourself up for not feeling motivated

  • bomb


    i’ve been so unmotivated lately, it’s getting ridiculous

  • PiscesFurMama


    Yeah ive been meaning to do a lot of things that I enjoy lately but I lack the energy and motivation to even start :/ I’m so exhausted it took 3 hours for me to get myself to get up and microwave myself one of my favorite comfort foods i have zero energy :(

  • JordanAlicia


    Literally all of the time! I have slowly started to try and build a new small habit every so often. I started small so every morning I wake up and immediately make my bed (that was always a challenge for me) but since I have done that I’ve noticed my brain feels less cluttered and it’s easier for me to keep the rest of my place spotless. I also now use a daily planner made by the company Day Designer. I fill it out for a few days in advance and write out everything I’m doing for the day, walking my dog, making my bed , eating breakfast, etc. the more detailed the better I feel. Then once I’ve completed it, I cross it off! It is so nice to visually see that you’ve accomplished something, even if it’s a small task. That has been super helpful for me.

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