Basically I have been experiencing STD symptoms after becoming very sexually active. But due to fear (plus my age and lack of insurance) I haven't been tested. I practice safe sex but still have symptoms. Any advice?

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  • _Chrysanthemum


    Do you have a Planned Parenthood near you? At the very least they may be able to help you with education about getting health insurance or Medicare or can provide info on STIs. How long have you been experiencing symptoms? What symptoms? What have you tried to do to help it (if anything)? Sometimes you can wait it out and it will resolve itself, but making sure you’re healthy really needs to be a priority. You can do it! Also, some clinics and doctors offices have different financial options to help you. I would just call and ask around at different offices what options you may have for payment. It gets less scary the more you practice. Take care of yourself boo, and your body will thank you as you treat it with love ❤️

  • Keke81


    Are you sure you have HIV? My uncle has it scary so scary!

    • harmo


      not sure, but a lot of symptoms

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