Would it be considered isolating to have the hood of your sweatshirt up while working in a factory next to others? If that makes sense, lol.


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  • JohnnyP


    I think so. My son adult son has this behavior🙏

  • Methos


    …or it could simply be not wanting to talking to others. 🤣 Depends on your motivation, I suppose.

  • Big_Country


    Guess u could say that qualifies u have a mask on to

  • stargazer2540


    ❤️ I would say yes as well.. if you would just put in earplugs you wouldn't have to listen to people and I don't think that would be isolating or if they allow headphones you know music but at a factory I would not think so.. I would say if you don't want to hear others talking just put in air plugs. Hope this helps you

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