im trying to be grateful that I have anyone's support and trying to stay positive but it really hurt me that when I went inpatient, the only people who bothered to check up on me were my fiancée and mom. I feel so incredibly alone. I thought I had people that care besides them but I guess not.


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  • smilebig98


    I know, that sucks. I'm so sorry You feel this way. But sometimes it's all about perspective. I wish I had a fiance to be there for me lol. You know? But what's great about life is that you have ample opportunities to meet new people who can become great friends that care. I mean that's what this app is for right? To connect and express ourselves with people who will listen.

    • poodlelover28


      yes I am grateful for my fiancée but it's hard to focus on the positive right now. It just sucks because I thought I had more people on my side. My brother and dad never even called.

  • Iris29


    I agree to be grateful for the supports you do have but it is still hard. People would likely have acted differently if you had broken your leg or something like that. I think people literally don't know what to do in this situation sometimes but it is still no excuse for not trying.

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