I've looked up videos and articles on IBS and their personal symptoms and experiences. Yet, nobody is talking about excessive belching or pains in other parts of their bodies from gas. Is this just a me thing or do other people experience the benching and the pain too? 🤔 😕

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  • Bipolar_Barbie


    Well I know when I was littler the stomach cramps from gas were so bad I would sometimes have to leave school. I wasn't diagnosed with IBS until I was older, but I wonder if that was related. As an adult, my IBS impacted a lot of things beyond my digestive tract. Here for you if you need to chat 👍

  • Irish_Tink


    I have always always been a gassy (burps) girl, and loud too. So loud that my dad, brother, and I would have burping contests for length and loudness. My sister thought it was hilarious, mom thought it was immature and gross and usually left the room lol. But I didn’t know/ never thought it would be tied to IBS. Although I’m fairly new to the IBS crowd. I was diagnosed only 5 years ago.

  • ZappyRacc


    I've been connecting my belching to my GERD. That said, I've had an incredibly tender abdomen my whole life, such that I've never been one to lay on my belly. Gas passing through is sometimes excruciating, like being stabbed. I got an ultrasound last year to check my pancreas after I told my doctor that I couldn't eat a full meal without being in agony afterwards feeling like my stomach was overfull and like the food wasn't moving along quick enough when I did. Pancreas was fine, but I was nearly in tears just about breaking my girlfriend's hand from the intensity of the pain. I asked the tech why it hurt so badly to get the test done, and she said I had a lot of gas but that normally that would just lead to minor discomfort, not extreme pain.

    • Lucky_H


      doesn’t seem to be a lot of people here that experience the gas pain. You are not alone. Sometimes the pain is to great until it passes and immediate relief. I think it’s the inflammation of the bowel causing that part of the ibs

  • AnxiouslyUnique


    Aww I'm so sorry you had to go through that! My doctors keep telling me it's gas and my anxiety is just making it 10xs worse.

  • Mandelion


    Belching was a big problem for me when my symptoms were at their worst. It was embarrassing but if I didn’t let it out, I felt worse. I’d get pain in my upper stomach, I’d massage it to feel some relief, stand up most of the time bc the gas felt trapped. If I didn’t do something to let it out, my chest would begin feeling tight which scared me. Once I started the low fodmap diet, my issues slowly diminished some. Helped me see what foods triggered my stomach issues

  • Mandelion


    What other pains are you getting? Mine was so bad it was triggering panic attacks which at the time I didn’t know what it was. I mentioned my symptoms above in my other comment then I’d getting shooting pains in my leg or arm, very random, never the same place. Sometimes my hands would go numb or other body parts

  • bananaz


    Yes I burp A LOT. Not always just recently. Never burped as a kid. As a woman too it’s a little embarassing 😂 but burping does make me feel better. When I can’t burp it gets painful and that’s when I get frustrated. Sometimes I have to get up and twist my body from my adombin or bop around side to side and that helps. I take a prescription antiacid for the heartburn associated (anyone else 25 and feeling 50!?), which helps the burn but doesn’t stop the burps!! Can’t help but think some of those burps cause my gut pain and bloating too. It’s all related somehow

    • Mandelion


      yes!! I counted how many times I burped in one day, was over 50! The doc said yep that’s not normal. I’m like you, I have to move around to get them out. Sometimes so bad I couldn’t sleep until I moved around a good bit before laying down then I’d prop up lots of pillows to get comfortable bc then I’d get reflux from laying down. I had to stop eating or drinking before bed. Like at least 3 hours nothing before bed. Also started a low fodmap diet to determine what foods upsetted my stomach now I rarely burp! It’s a miracle

      • bananaz


        glad I’m not the only one that has insomnia due to burping! Lol so adsurd… the reflux is also an issue for me and i often fall asleep on the couch because of it instead 😅 fruit definitely makes me burp the most, and bubbles. Getting an upper endoscopy soon to see if i have a bubble between my diaphragm and stomach lol i will update with results!

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