Had anxiety so I smoked a little weed just now at 3am (which I rarely do) and got caught by one of my neighbors. He didn’t recognize me but he said “that’s my neighbors house” as a way to say he was looking out for them and wanted to know what was I doing there, but I told him I lived there and he seemed to not believe me but I feel like he’s gonna tell my grandparents (who I live with) and I’m so embarrassed and don’t want them to know because they will flip. Hopefully he doesn’t say anything. I just had anxiety all day today and my thoughts wouldn’t let me sleep last night or tonight so I really needed it but now I feel shame and nervousness. Definitely won’t smoke around my own house again.


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • BeanBetter


    If it's legal, who cares, your mental heath I'd prority

  • PeppermintAnn


    did the neighbor say anything about the weed or just that you were outside at 3am? (srry if this was obvious!) if he tells them, maybe you can say it was a misunderstanding. you got out to get some fresh air (bc of anxiety/couldnt sleep) and you smelled it too (coming from "someone else" nearby)

    • Ella101


      I don’t even know what he meant but that’s a good idea ima say that 😭

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