It's 3am, I woke up after sleeping for 2 hours, and now I'm working instead of going to bed. Why am I like this??? /lh

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  • Rayyybies


    It's sorta weird, you posted this 5 minutes after my mother left to go work in the middle of the night while sick! While I know uou guys aren't the same person, but your both working this late because of 1 reason- its out of necessity, and being just a tad bit of a pushover. Sorry this isn't helpful fubfbfnfnfnf

    • MerkyMountainGoat


      Nah it's fine. Though I should specify, it's not a job, my girlfriend and I are coauthoring a series. (She probably would tell me to go to bed if she wasn't asleep lol)

  • sleepyhippo


    Honestly during the pandemic I focused best and was more productive in the middle of the night. My sleep schedule was basically naps throughout both the day and night. Sleep a bit, work a bit or whatever until I went back to sleep. I was up at 3 am doing stuff constantly. Now I can't do that at all but my advice is just follow your body's lead! That is- as long as it's not causing physical or mental damage when doing so.

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